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General editors:
Frans Pennings (Utrecht) and Michael Adler (Edinburgh)

Frans Pennings is Professor of Social Security Law at Utrecht University. His main research interests are in the area of national and international social security law and also at the interface between labour law and social security law.  In recent years, he has carried out research on the impact of ILO conventions on national systems, on EU social security instruments (including regulation 883/2004), and on Dutch social security law (unemployment, disability and sickness benefits).  
He recently completed a comparative study of the impact of ILO conventions and a book on the meaning of these instruments.  He has also written books on Dutch social security law and labour law in an international context. He is the author and/or editor of more than 25 books, and has written more than 100 articles, book chapters and research reports.
Frans Pennings has taught a wide range of courses to students at all levels, including an introductory course on Labour Law and Social Security Law for second year law students, and courses on European Social Security Law, Dutch Social Security Law and Dutch Labour Law.   He currently supervises 7 PhD Students.
He is member of the Social Security Central Appeal Court in Utrecht. Frans Pennings is Visitng Professor at Gothenborg University and guest professor at Tilburg University.
Personal website:

Michael Adler was Professor of Socio-Legal Studies at Edinburgh University from 1996-until he retired in 2008. He is now an Emeritus Professor in the School of Social and Political Science at the University. He sat as a lay member of a Social Security Appeal Tribunal from 1979 until 1999, when lay membership was ended, and was a member of the Scottish Committee of the Administrative Justice and Tribunals Council from September 2010 until August 2013, when the AJTC was abolished. Together with Frans Pennings, he has edited the European Journal of Social Security since its first issue in 1997.

Before he retired, he taught at all levels, ranging from large first- and second-year undergraduate courses in social policy to smaller courses in the doctoral programme in the social sciences and, in the course of his career, I supervised 25 students who completed a PhD. Together with his colleague Adrian Sinfield, he was responsible for teaching social security and supervised number of dissertations and theses on aspects of social security.In recent years, his main research interests have been located at the interface between public law and social policy. He has carried out research on the nature of administrative justice, the resolution of administrative grievances and the effectiveness of different mechanisms of dispute resolution.  In the field of social security, he has conducted research on take-up, the impact of computerisation, the role of tribunals and, most recently, the imposition of sanctions for non-compliance.
Michael Adler is the author of two books and the editor of five more, most recently of Administrative Justice in Context (Oxford: Hart Publishing, 2010). In the course of his career, he has published 13 research reports, edited eight collections of papers, and written over 100 articles and book chapters. As a member of the Scottish Committee of the Administrative Justice and Tribunals Council, he was responsible for two published reports, Right to Appeal (2012) and Understanding the Difference between Appeals, Complaints and Reviews (2013). Personal website:

Book review editors:
Constanze  Janda (Heidelberg)
Marta Carneiro (Copenhagen)

Editorial assistants:
Fiona McGrath and Lucy Ramasawmy (Edinburgh) and Peter Andersson (Gothenburg).

Editorial board:
- Henriette Sinding Aasen (Bergen)
- Willem Adema (OECD)
- Bea Cantillon (Antwerp)
- Mel Cousins (Trinity College, Dublin)
- Stamatia Devetzi (Fulda)
- Eberhard Eichenhofer (Jena)
- Ana Guillen (Oviedo)
- Tamara Hervey (Sheffield)
- Kirsten Ketscher (WELMA, Copenhagen)
- Bruno Palier (Sciences Po, Paris)
- Peter Saunders (NSW and FISS)
- Paul Schoukens (Leuven and EISS)
- Sara Stendahl (Göteborg)
- Dorrottya Szikra (ELTE, Budapest)
- Anne Pieter van der Mei (Maastricht)
- Marcin Wujczyk (Krakow)