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Results ( 4 ) : 2016 - 4.

Social Assistance and Minimum Income Benefits: Benefit Levels, Replacement Rates and Policies across 26 OECD Countries, 1990–2009

Authors: J. Wang, O. Van Vliet

Abstract: Until recently, social assistance and minimum income benefits have received relatively little attention in the comparative welfare state literature. Relying on two new indicators, this paper examines the development of minimum income benefits acros...

Re-shaping the Paradigm of Social Solidarity in the EU: On the UK’s Welfare Reforms and Pre- and Post-EU Referendum Developments

Authors: R. Babayev

Abstract: The sense of social solidarity formed at Union level is manifested, broadly speaking, in the very interchangeability of national solidaristic communities in the Union that allows Union citizens to be affiliated with the one of their residence. Init...

Comprehensive Sickness Insurance as a Condition for EU Citizens’ Residence in Other Member States: A Need for Reform?

Authors: T. Sokol

Abstract: Free movement of persons is one of the fundamental freedoms of European integration. It is protected by EU primary law, especially by the TFEU and its provisions on citizen’s rights and free movement of workers within the Union. The described freed...